Navigating the Appraisal process!

Navigating the Appraisal Process!  Novotny is the Captain of the ship called “The Appraisal Process”

Each appraisal assignment is a journey that navigates many requirements that adjust the appraisal process based on many critical decisions. A general personal property appraiser needs considerable knowledge and experience with many diverse object types found in most households, garages and storage units. The journey follows the appraisal process.  The appraisal report is the final destination.

In order to navigate the appraisal process the appraiser must first and foremost understand and identify the client’s presenting valuation problem. This is equivalent to a ship’s captain identifying critical landmarks, hazards, prevailing trade winds and other factors needed to map the journey; the Captain’s log (e.g. appraisal report) documents the scope of work necessary to navigate to a (re)port. The Captain maps the journey before sailing. An appraiser must identify the valuation problem before agreeing to take the job. 

It’s not an easy task without sufficient knowledge and experience with the critical land marks which are identified in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Process (USPAP) which follows the appraisal process perfectly in both development and reporting.

Novotny can value most antique collections, general residential contents and most types of artwork. He may also discover your hidden treasures and provide interesting historical details about your antiques, collectibles and fine art. He has priced or valued hundreds of housefuls, apartments and storage containers in the course of his many years (40+) of market involvement in all market levels. 

Novotny has charted many valuation voyages always following  “The Appraisal Process” according to USPAP. He has successfully faced many challenging appraisal assignments to the satisfaction of all. See his Yelp, Google and Angi List reviews to confirm! For every one of those clients that wrote a review, and for the hundred of others that got his report, Novotny has a signed USPAP Certification Statement in his work file that warrants his report complied with USPAP and that the appraisal was competently and ethically conducted and his report was meaningful, relevant, complete, properly disclosed, meaningful and not misleading. Because of the appraisal process and USPAP the client can confidently make the decisions needed based upon reliance on the report.

Novotny knows which value approach to use and the methods necessary. He can credibly navigate the scope of work necessary to develop and report the value conclusions. Take a trip on the Novotny Ship! Call (626) 292-2224

William M. Novotny,

ISA AM, AQB Certified USPAP Instructor

September 14, 2021

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